7 Things You Should Know About Installing Security Doors in Australia

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When building a new house, many of you may find it is hard to choose doors and windows. There are too many options when choosing security doors like what brand, what material, what style of doors and windows. Now, BarrybuildingSuppliers, as a security doors and windows supplier has ten years of experience in Melbourne, will share with you 7 things you need to confirm before installing a security door.

How do security doors protect your safety in Australia?

Many of you have asked us this question, the security door in Australia looks just like a piece of the metal web, does it really work? Most of the security doors in Australia are made of aluminium, they look like to prevent flies, but actually, their main function is to prevent intrude.
In Australia, to be a qualified security door, the product has to pass a series of tests. These rigorous tests ensure compliance with Australian Standards 5039 (manufacturing), 5040 (installation), and 5041 (testing methods).
If the security door has passed the test, it means that the door has been rigorously tested in multiple running-in scenarios, including knife shear test, impact test, Anti-jemmy test, Pull test, and probe tests, which have determined product quality and safety to a certain extent.

Security mesh options

There are many names and choices of mesh for security doors, but in Australia, they are ultimately made of two different materials, stainless steel and aluminium.
Stainless steel braided mesh is made of 304 or 316 grade longitudinal and transverse steel wire braided. And aluminium mesh is basically made of a piece of the aluminium plate directly drilled. Of course, each product has its own differences, it’s hard to say which one is better, you need to make the decision with the condition of building style, visibility and your proximity to salt exposure. But in terms of safety, as long as he meets Australian standards, it is safe.

Can I add a dog door to the security door?

We often meet the requirements of installing dog doors on security doors, which is possible. In fact, some brands will provide different sizes of pets door for installation, but the installation of pet doors also means that the security performance of security doors is reduced. In general, the larger the pet door means the lower the security performance. It is important to note that once a pet door is installed, your security door will no longer meet Australian security standards.

Single lock or triple lock?

Generally speaking, if you choose to install the security door, the quotation will automatically use three locks for you, so that the requirements of the security door, if your security door is a single lock, it may not be able to prevent an invasion.

Are your installers professional and police licensed?

Make sure your aluminium security doors are installed by a licensed vendor like BarryBuildingSuppliers, who will provide free measurement and quotation services. In addition, there are many kinds of fence doors, screen doors and security doors on the market. If your installation business is not a licensed business, he may not provide you with an approved security door.
Choosing a reputable, experienced and licensed supplier like BarrybuildingSuppliers can not only guarantee the safety of your property but also repair it if there is any problem later, which is the most important.

Is the security door you choose provided with a warranty?

Make sure you buy your security doors from a reputable vendor, read the Google review before buying, and see the security doors products yourself. More importantly, before buying, ask whether the brand you are buying offers a warranty and for how many years.

BarrybuildingSuppliers only provide the best quality and the best service

If you are in Melbourne and have any questions about the installation of security doors, glass doors, aluminium doors and windows, please feel free to contact us. We provide a free measurement quotation service. You can also browse our case gallery to find your favourite style!

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