Avoid These 10 Mistakes When Installing Aluminium Doors with Windows

Are you thinking about installing aluminium doors with windows in your home? Let’s put it straight: this is an awesome choice. They are durable, sleek and serve you right. But here comes the tricky part.

Installation must be done carefully. If you mess up even a little, you might be dealing with headaches later. 

So to help you keep things smooth, we have listed some 10 things to avoid or not overlook with an aluminium door with window installation. This will be an extensive guide and will definitely help you out, especially if you are doing the installation yourself.

Without any adieu, let’s get started.

Why are aluminium doors and windows a popular pick?

Aluminium doors are a solid pick for your home or office for multiple reasons. 

  • Durable

They are tough as nails and won’t rust or corrode with time. This means they can handle any external conditions. Even if a huge glass surface is attached to slim aluminium frames, it can still bear the load and doesn’t get warped under temperature fluctuations.

So, if you are located in a place that receives a lot of heat and sunshine in summers and severe winters, the dimensions of these doors and windows will remain unchanged.

  • Maintenance is a breeze

The biggest advantage of installing these doors is that they are easy to maintain. You don’t have to constantly paint or fix them up.

  • Light in weight & safety

They are lightweight but super strong so installing them as front doors won’t put a dent in the safety factor.

Their solid construction, durability and structural integrity contribute to their safety. They can’t fall prey to intruders. So, don’t worry about security—aluminium doors have got you covered against break-ins. 

  • Aesthetically appealing

When people think of aluminium doors, they imagine a plain, simple, boring door. This isn’t true. These days, you can find aluminium doors in sleek, modern designs with big glass panels that let in loads of natural light.

  • Energy efficient

Did you know they’re also energy-efficient? Yes, when you apply thermal breaks, you can ensure your space is comfortable and maintain room temperature.

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10 things that must not be overlooked while installing aluminium doors with windows


  • Overlooking thermal breaks

The thermal break is a non-metallic section between the inside and outside parts of the aluminium frame. This acts as a barrier that stops the exterior temperatures from messing with your indoor climate.

If you overlook thermal breaks in aluminium doors and windows, it can lead to some real issues.

Without this break, the doors and windows get condensation, which is a process where water droplets on a cold surface turn the surface moist. This can result in potential water damage and mould growth.

When there is a leak, your heating or cooling system will have to work overtime, increasing your energy bills.


Choose aluminium doors and windows with built-in thermal breaks and strictly ensure that they are installed properly. 

This way, your space stays cosy in the winter and cool in the summer without the energy bills breaking the bank.

  • Incorrect measurements is dangerous

One of the most common and critical mistakes made during the installation of aluminium doors and windows is making inaccurate measurements.

When measurements are wrong, even by a small margin, it causes troubles such as air leaks, water infiltration that can let water seep in during rain, leading to moisture damage, security risks and operational problems such as difficulty opening or closing the doors and windows, leading to potential damage to the frame or hardware over time.


To measure the space where you are installing the doors and windows, use high-quality measuring tools like a reliable tape measure and measure at multiple points, including the width, height, and depth. 

Since aluminium material can expand and contract with temperature changes, leave the required space.

  • Ignoring security can make your home vulnerable to break-ins

When it comes to installing the aluminium doors with windows, we definitely don’t want to cut corners on security. 

And there’s a myth that these doors aren’t safe. But the reality is that overlooking security can only lead to risk.


Don’t settle for the basic locks that come with the door. It’s better to invest in high-quality, robust locks or deadbolts. You can even consider multi-point locking systems, which lock the door’s frame at multiple points.

Ensure the door frames are fixed well and can deter forced entry. For an additional wall of security, consider security screens and tamper-resistant hinges and screws.

To boost security, use smart locks and integrate doors and windows with your home security systems. 

These measures can ensure that you get alerted if someone tries to tamper with your door.

  • Less maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance

Windows and doors in general require regular maintenance to ensure that they last long and stand sturdy. Though aluminium is naturally resistant to external conditions and requires less maintenance, it’s recommended to follow a proper cleaning schedule.


Do some quick inspections, clean and lubricate the hinges. Otherwise, it can lead to air leaks and premature wear and tear. If you regularly inspect it, you can spot the issues in their early stages and get them fixed.

  • Ignoring manufacturer instructions is wrong. 

Whether you are installing the aluminium doors and windows by yourself or getting help from a professional, either way, you must not overlook the installation guidelines from the manufacturer. Because it can lead to several problems.

If the door is not fixed or installed as instructed, you can’t expect it to function as intended.



It’s highly recommended to make it a priority to follow the aluminium door and window manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly. If something isn’t clear, reach out to the supplier, especially if this is DIY. Contact a professional installer, ask questions and get it right the first time. Otherwise, you will deal with problems with the door and window later on.

Taking this step seriously ensures your doors and windows are installed correctly, providing you with peace of mind and long-term satisfaction.

  • Choosing style over functionality is a problem.

We understand that it’s quite easy to fall in love with charming, vintage-looking aluminium doors and windows. However, focusing only on style over functionality can sometimes lead to problems. 

What problems may you ask? The beautiful door you are eyeing might not provide enough insulation or those stylish windows with intricate designs might be difficult to clean and maintain. Over time, these aesthetic choices can result in higher energy bills, increased maintenance costs and reduced comfort and security in your home.

For instance, sliding doors might look great but they can cause trouble if they don’t glide smoothly. Similarly, aluminium-framed windows that are hard to open or clean can become a hassle.


So, besides considering the aesthetics, think about factors like energy efficiency, security, ease of use and maintenance, look for features such as robust locking mechanisms; and consider additional security features like laminated glass or reinforced frames.

  • Improper sealing and insulation

Picture this: you are feeling a cold breeze in the winter or dealing with mould because of water sweeping inside the door. Not fun, right?

If the sealing isn’t done right, you could end up with annoying drafts, moisture sneaking in and higher energy bills.


To prevent such issues, it’s better that you ensure that the installer is using sealants and insulation materials to seal the aluminium doors and windows properly. To seal these doors and windows after installing them, use weatherstripping to prevent drafts and moisture from getting in. Also, use flashing to direct water away from the door or window’s joints and edges.

By simply ensuring the sealing and insulation, you will save yourself from bigger troubles and expenses down the road.

  • Cracked glass

Cracked glass is a serious threat to security. This is why even a small crack near or inside the frame must be replaced ASAP, as even a small crack can break the whole piece of glass.

Besides breaking down, the cracked glass compromises the structural integrity of the door or window and affects the insulating properties of the window or door. This can become troublesome when the climate changes.

Lastly, we know that cracked glass affects the visual appeal of the door or window. So, instead of overlooking that your aluminium door or window has only minor cracks or damage, act fast and get it fixed.


While installing itself, you must check if the glass components have any cracks or damage. In some cases, glass parts may not be handled with extra care during transportation and installation and this can result in damage. Plus, the glass must be properly secured within the frame. Overtightening them can cause stress points and lead to cracks.

  • Not checking the level and plumb of the frame

This means you didn’t make sure the door frame was straight and even. Failing to analyse this can lead to a number of problems, including door or window operational issues. For instance, the door might get stuck or won’t close properly. This unevenness can give a crooked look and also cause wear and tear in the long run.


To avoid issues with the level and plumb of the frame when installing aluminium doors with windows, use a level to check the horizontal (level) and vertical (plumb) alignment of the frame.

  • Forgetting about ventilation

Aluminium door fitting installation is crucial. There are no doubts about that. But again, proper ventilation is essential for maintaining indoor air quality and preventing moisture buildup. 


When replacing your aluminium doors and windows, consider ventilation and airflow throughout your home. So, you must ensure two things: the doors and windows must also provide ventilation while also maintaining energy efficiency.

Final Words

Installing aluminium doors and windows can be tricky but when done right, it will be a rewarding experience.

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