What should be considered when buying security doors and windows?


In the past ten years, Barry Security Door has always been among the best in the industry. It is committed to making security doors and always finding the best solutions for security doors for homes and commercial places in Chadstone, Truganina, Laverton, and other areas. Our industry goal has always been to provide the best security door service, and lots of our clients have recommended our service to their relatives and friends.

Customer service is important, and Barry Security Door takes great pride in meeting customers’ expectations. We communicate clearly with my clients and deliver on the project within the budget.

Our advantages

Our advantage is that we provide a variety of services, from sliding door installation, security doors, aluminium window installation to door and window replacement issues.

We can meet different budget requirements. Our doors are made of high-quality materials, and we recommend the most reasonable solutions to customers according to their budgets. We can help you to bring more comfort to your house. Barry Security Door provides your home with the door style you want.

Key factors for purchasing security doors

When it comes to purchasing security doors of the same style, we need to take service, quality, and price into careful consideration. For example:

1. Whether the material is thick or not, and what is the thickness of the steel plate used to make the steel door frame? The thicker steel plate has a dull sound and is slightly heavier. If the door leaf is lifted lightly, it may not be a solid material, and the user needs to carefully consider it.

2. There is also a smooth level of the steel plate surface. The judgment factors are whether there is roughness and blistering, whether the style is fine, and whether the solder joints are dense.

3. The structure of doors and windows should be very reasonable. When opening and locking the door, whether the door leaf can be easily opened or closed, whether there will be problems such as jamming or door frames colliding with various noises. If the gap between the door leaf and the door frame does not fit well, more problems will appear.

4. Whether the handle of the door is firm, and whether it can be turned flexibly.

How to choose the lock cylinder of the security door

1. Check the door lock key. Choose the locks cylinders that have more and deeper marks, which will make the arrangement of the door lock more complicated, making the door more difficult to open.

2. Check the colour of the door lock. High-quality door locks will be electroplated and have good smoothness. For example, if the colour of the copper core is dark yellow, the material will generally be stronger and the protection will be better.

3. Check the weight of the door lock. The high-quality lock cylinder material will be heavier, and the protection performance of the lock will be better.

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From communication with our clients, through manufacturing and installing their needed features, we will ensure that our customers enjoy a hassle-free and timely experience at a good price.

Barry Security Door provides and installs durable high-quality security doors and security doors to prevent intruders from entering your property. Escort the safety of your property. If you have any questions regarding your doors and windows, please call: 0422 179 038! We are here for you.

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