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If you’re looking to block out excess light, Barry Building Supplies’ glass windows and doors will do the trick. Customised to your individual preference, our glass windows and doors offer high visibility and are sure to never go out of style!

Why Select Glass Windows?

Good glass windows will make your home more comfortable and provide efficient management of heat flow in your house. Barry Building Supplies can greatly reduce your home’s energy cost as you do not have to highly rely on your air conditioner. Your home will not be very hot in summer and very cold in winter. The type of window glass used in your home should not allow heat to be lost in winter and gain heat in summer. Some glass can overburden the air-conditioning system and too much glare will make your home very uncomfortable. The good news is that with the advent of high-performance window glass solutions, glass windows have been able to overcome the problems associated with thermal dysregulation.

Good glass windows have natural light provision, especially in winters. A bright house gives you a happier and heather life. You do not need to worry about glare. Because with a low emissivity coating, you can enjoy sunny light without light damage. Low emissivity coating is a spectrally selective coating applied to one side of the glass. Low emissivity coating glass can prevent temperature transference through the glass by around 30% compared to plain glass.

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BBS glass window and door helped to make us feel comfortable.

Our Choices

There are different types of glass Windows and BBS offers a vast array of high-quality glass windows and doors to suit your needs.

Feel free to browse our gallery here to find the right style for you. And if you would rather have something custom-made, feel free to get in touch with us so we can go over the details.

We also can build up sunrooms and supply aluminium windows, screen doors and security doors.


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