How to choose a security door for your new house?


If you are looking for the best security door for your home, and you are not sure which types are suitable, here are the best tips for you to choose the best security door for your home.

What kind of security door do you need?

It is hard to say which security door is the best, as it depends on the security level and the performance of the security door you require. If security is at the top of your requirement list, you may want a steel door with a steel grille. If you just want your house to look palatial and elegant, the appearance may occupy the largest weight in our decision. Barry Security Door has all types of doors that you need, but you need to consider what is your need.

Where is the door made from?

Some customers ignore asking this question as this seems not important. However, this is an essential question that is closely related to the warranty. Understanding where your door is made from, you will know who can fix your door and how long will it take. If your door is made overseas, the fixing processes will be very complicated, as the components of your door need to be imported from overseas. Buy Australian security doors from Barry security and enjoy a 3 to 8 years Warranty.

Do you want a steel door or aluminium door?

To answer this question, you need to consider what purpose of the door you need. The steel door is stronger than the aluminium door while steel does not always conform to the aesthetics of every property. Besides, steel doors are not corrosion-resistant, which is not always the best option. If the aluminium door is selected for safety, it must be installed with stainless steel mesh, preferably 316 ship class. By Australian standards, a security door must have a three-point lock. Many clients do not know that if a door is not made of steel or stainless-steel mesh, it is not a safe door.

What your door is made from?

You will be surprised to know what material that some business owners may use to produce doors in order to save money. It is very important to make sure you asked questions about the quality of your door and get a detailed quote.

What locks and handles do you need?

Sometimes people may ignore the importance of locks and handles. However, locks and handles are as important on a door as the motor in a car. Before purchasing locks and handles, please makes sure they have enough warranty and good quality. A high-quality locker or handle should not surface mounted.

What design and colour of doors match your building?

Choosing a good design for your front door is not an easy task. Some people are afraid to make mistakes and avoid choosing creative doors. However, choosing an interesting and creative door can add value and appeal to your property. Besides, choosing a colour that matches the guttering or the roller door of your house is a good tip for you to choose the right colour for your door. If you do not want to be too aggressive, black, or white is always a safe and classic option.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Barry Building Supplies. We can help you to find and install the best door for your home, and our customers are always assured of a high standard along with a trustworthy service delivered with reliability and high-quality workmanship. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed on the job. Contact us today to get a detailed quotation!

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