How to choose suitable aluminium doors and windows?


When decorating a house, we need to choose many different building materials. Among these building materials, aluminium doors and windows are one of the most popular choices for home decoration, but how can we buy suitable and correct aluminium doors in the face of many products? Nowadays in Melbourne, advertisements are overwhelming, and businesses have also introduced many promotional methods. What can we do to buy the most practical aluminium doors and windows?

1. Pay attention to the quality of aluminium doors and windows

How the quality of aluminium doors and windows will directly affect its effect after installation, you should pay attention to these common problems when choosing it.

  • When purchasing aluminium doors and windows, it is important to select the appropriate style through observation. We must make sure that there are no scratches on its surface, and even the protective film on the surface must not be scratched.
  • The connecting components of doors and windows must not have colour differences, otherwise, it will affect the aesthetics of the entire doors and windows.
  • The surface of aluminium doors and windows should not have aluminium chips, oil spots, stains, etc. Even where the screws and nails are connected, many nail holes cannot be exposed after installation, which affects the aesthetics and durability.

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2. Points to note when choosing aluminium doors and windows

  • Thickness: If you choose aluminium alloy style for the sliding door at home, you need to choose the thickness suitable for the selected door. There are also many choices for windows. We need to choose according to the size of the window opening in the house and the wind pressure.
  • Strength: The strength of aluminium alloy must be 157N per square millimetre, and the yield strength must be above 108N.
  • Flatness: When purchasing aluminium doors and windows, attention should be paid to the smooth surface without any depression or bulging.
  • Gloss: The surface of aluminium doors and windows must not have bubbles and slag. If there are these two conditions in the material, small white or black spots will be on its surface, which should be paid special attention to when purchasing.
  • Oxide film: The surface of aluminium alloy material will be protected by an oxide film, but it should be noted that the thickness of the protective film must be more than 10 microns. Otherwise, it will lose its protective effect.

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The decoration of the house and the choice of doors and windows are also very important. If the doors and windows are not well decorated, any natural weather disasters in the future will cause indoor water leakage and even damage to doors and windows. For example, some areas have been flooded some time ago. There are families that fail to choose the right windows and doors to smash the glass due to the hail.

In short, we should pay attention to its surface quality in addition to its beauty when purchasing aluminium doors and windows. In addition, we must follow the above points to make comparative observations, so as to ensure that the quality of the aluminium doors and windows we buy is no problem. Our Barry Building Supplies is a professional aluminium door and window custom company. We can tailor the most suitable high-quality aluminium doors and windows for you at a reasonable price. Contact us and get a quote!

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