How to deal with the creaking security door?

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When the security door in the house cannot be open or closed smoothly, it always makes a creaking noise, which is quite annoying. In general, this situation is mostly because of the contact position of the security door frame and the door panel is dry due to a lack of oil. Let’s talk about how to deal with it in detail below.

If the security door creaks or the door and the door frame have been staggered and still squeaks, it can basically be concluded that the hinge position of the security door is out of oil. We just need to add lubricating oil to the hinge position.

The method of adding lubricating oil is as follows:

  1. Open the security door first. Regardless of whether the security door opens inward or outward, the door leaf must be opened to a position perpendicular to the door frame, and the hinge can be seen at the position of the doorpost. A general security door has at least 3 hinges.
  2. Use lubricating oil. You can use special lubricating oil such as vehicle oil, or you can use butter. Cooking oil is not recommended here, as it will dry out and deteriorate.
  3. Add the oil. If you are using special lubricating oil, you can use a syringe to add lubricating oil to a circular column inside the hinge. Be careful not to add too much. If you use butter, you can use your fingers to get some, put your fingers in to touch the column, and also smear the upper gap.
  4. Open and close the door several times. After all the hinges have been lubricated once, it is necessary to open and close the door several times to allow the lubricating oil to enter the contact gap of the hinge. If you use butter, you must wait a while. After the butter melts, it will enter the gap. Repeating multiple times until there will be no more creaking sound.

Basically, the noise of the security door is caused by the above-mentioned situations. The most common one is that the hinge is out of oil, and the hinge needs to be opened to check. Generally, it can be completely solved after adding lubricating oil. In addition, when using security doors, we should also pay attention not to use too much force because it may be deformed and will be generally difficult to recover. Even if it can be used, the user experience will be greatly discounted.

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