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Barry Building SuppliesDoor is more than happy to take care of any windows or sliding door installations/replacements. We also offer more than just windows and door services, but also Pagola installations that offer a place of outdoor relaxation.

Pagola Installation

Pagolas are on track to becoming one of Australia’s favorite outdoor structures. They are able to build against the house or freestanding. With a variety of roofing options from timber rafters to dense climbing plants, pagolas can be created and installed inexpensively.

Pagolas are also so simple you can even do it yourself or have a professional builder install them. At Barry Building Supplies, we can offer you the supplies you want to build for your pagola or we can help you build it at an affordable cost.

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Pagola Installation in Melbourne

Yes, we do Pagola

The Pagola Advantages

Barry Building Supplies works with Pagolas for the following reasons:

  • Enhances the Beauty of your Home – Pagolas are designed with a unique beauty from their sculptural and architectural design creating a visually stunning and appealing structure.
  • Protection from Weather – Plants can be used with Pagolas especially climbing ones which when combined with Pagolas creates a perfect natural shade. This shade is more than sufficient to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays especially if you just want to rest outdoors and enjoy the summer sun without getting burnt. In addition, Pagolas are not closed off so it is not suffocating and you can enjoy a cool breeze.
  • Add Value to your Home – Pagolas technically adds living space to your home and thus leads to creating more value on your property. An area where plants can breathe life in, a shaded area, blocks unsightly views or even an outdoor living space. Multiple factors of pergolas all contribute to the additional value of your home, increasing the return of investment for you.
Pagola Installation in Melbourne

Pagola Design

Pagolas can either be freestanding or attached to the house. Either options are amazing ways to create a beautiful space to relax in. Pagolas attached to the house can compliment a home’s natural beauty and enhances its look. Whereas a freestanding pergola creates a unique area of life for plants where you can enjoy the natural elements such as a summer sun or autumn breeze.

Pagola Installation in Melbourne

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