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Doors and Windows are an important part of the construction of the house, and glass doors and windows have always been the most popular type of doors and Windows. If the glass doors and windows are not carefully installed, it may cause a serious issue in the house such as the leakage of rain and wind. In this case, it is worth paying attention to doors and windows installation.

window deformation

When glass doors and windows are installed, most afraid of workers carelessness. According to the regulations, the installation of glass doors and windows needs to install gaskets first. If the gasket is not placed because of sloppiness, or because the glass blanking size is too large to place the cushion block, the glass will directly contact the door slot or window slot, resulting in an uneven gap. This can lead to glass that does not hold up well and can even cause Windows and doors to deform.
In view of this problem, we need to pay attention to it according to the provisions of the installation of glass pad block.
This will support the glass effectively. The glass in the mullion shall be provided with two load-bearing pads below, and the distance from the vertical edge of the glass shall be equal to 1/4 of the width of the glass and not less than 150 mm. The other direction should be set up to fix the glass, to ensure that the glass around the gap even. And pad block should choose hard rubber material to be qualitative, its width should be more than the thickness of place support glass, length is not less than 25-millimetre, thickness is 2~6 millimetre commonly. Before the glass is placed in the door slot or window slot, the position of the pad should be checked to prevent the drop-off or inaccurate position of the pad caused by collision and vibration. Finally, strictly control the glass cutting size, glass size and frame fan size difference should be equal to the thickness of two pads.

loose glass

The problem of glass loosening is caused by the falling off the rubber seal, the glass is not in the centre, the gap between the glass and the window frame is uneven, and the rubber seal is not close to the glass and the window frame. When you tap the glass with your hand, you will hear a loose sound. This is because when installing the glass, the workers did not remove the debris in the notch in time, resulting in the glass and the notch is not completely fitted. In addition, the gap between the glass and the glass slot is uneven, the rubber strip and the glass and the glass slot are in bad contact, and the glass slot is protruding, etc., which are the reasons for the glass loosening. There are some workers, operating at the corner of doors and windows, who did not make the rubber strip disconnected, and did not inject glue. And this is the reason that causes the glass to loosen in the future.
In view of this problem, we need to pay attention to carefully clean the notch and reasonable seal.
Carefully remove the debris in the notch before installing the glass. When placing the glass, we should be careful to ensure that the gap between the inside and outside of the glass doors and windows and the slot is even, and timely correction should be made to prevent the glass from shifting and deviating from the centre of the slot after being impacted. And the rubber seal cannot be pulled too tight, need to pay attention to keep the surface straight. The contact between the sealing strip and the glass and the glass notch also needs to be close, so that the glass periphery is uniformly stressed. The rubber strip at the corner should be disconnected from the inclined plane, and the glue is injected at the disconnected place to ensure a firm bond.
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