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Barry Security Door has been providing custom-made security door solutions to home and business owners in Greater Melbourne for the last nine years. We provide high-quality, affordable, and professional services to our customers. Browse our testimonials today to see why we are one of the best in class.

What is a security door?

The front door is more often than not your first line of defence, and also the weakest link in keeping your home safe since it will be the first point that intruders attempt to breach. Therefore, the selection of the security door is not only for appearance but also for safety. In other words, safety should be the first criterion for a security door. Moreover, nobody wants to fix or change the security door frequently, so the durability is essential for security as well.
Barry Security Door can supply and install unique, professional high quality security doors for you. Safety is an essential point we have ever considered. Our security door will deter intruders from entering your property, so it will also ensure the stuff what is inside it safe. At the same time, we provide a warranty for each of our product so that we will promise and protect its durability. Door Security is not as easy as it seems to be. According to the statistic, two-thirds of all illegal entries were made through doors. Different types of doors have different levels of security strength. From a deeper point of view, some strengthened doors function such as fire doors can prevent or inhibit the spread of fire.
The most reliable safety gate in the industry

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The most reliable safety gate in the industry

Why invest in security doors?

A suitable security door can not only meet the basic requirements such as security but also according to customer needs, some of your home and company security doors to meet other needs, such as aesthetics and privacy.
First of all, security doors are also famous for the improved privacy they can offer, which means that it can isolate the space in your own area. If you think privacy is critical in your life or you do not want any other people to see your indoor area, Barry Security can provide various types of whole sealing doors, which will hide all views in your house or business. In addition, a safer feeling of the property will definitely sell or rent for more value than usual. Please contact us for any kind of question and get the free quotation of the most suitable security door to you.

On the one hand, we can offer security and privacy to your home or business. On the other hand, security door can also be a decoration. A decorative security door can also boost first impressions, so it will increase the resale value and the rent of leasing of your property. A majestic door can make the building more magnificent and elegant. As a professional supplier, Barry security door has the ability to provide various security doors and provide the most satisfactory security door to the customer. Please tell us what you need and call us for a free consultation.

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Make your home be a safer place

Security Screen Doors

Barry Security Door offers custom-made security doors at great prices, as well as screen doors and sliding doors.
If you’ve had Barry Security Door install your security door, and now you’ve realised that you want to be able to enjoy the same protection while also leaving the door open during the day. Barry security doors can provide the doors that match your expectation.

We can offer you the solution with our personalised screen doors. Let the fresh air in, but keep your home debris and pest free while also ensuring that your pets and little ones don’t go wandering off.


No entry for bugs

Screen Windows

Much like our screen doors, screen windows will allow you to keep your home tidy and free of bugs.

Barry Security Door offers a wide range of options to suit your home or business’s esthetics, so you can be sure that nothing will look out of place.

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