Six Things to Consider Before Installing a Glass Sliding Door

Install glass sliding doors

The popularity of glass sliding doors is exploding in Australia. Today, sliding glass doors are becoming even more popular in commercial establishments and business offices.  In addition to their many designs, aesthetic, and functional advantages, sliding glass doors are an excellent addition to any home. The practice has existed for quite some time and has always been a great way to enhance the interior appearance. If you want to upgrade the look of your home on a budget with sliding glass doors, they are an ideal choice.

Let’s dive into 6 things to consider before installing a glass sliding door:

1) Types:

Most common types of sliding doors are:

  • Bi-folding door: These doors open by overlapping each other, and are quite expensive.
  • Sliding patio glass door: Typically, this sliding door consists of two panels sliding behind each other. It is commonly found in kitchens, bedrooms, and dining rooms.
  • Multi-sliding stacker glass door: Sliding doors of this style are perfect for modern homes and budgets. By maximizing the openings, these sliding doors bring the outdoors inside while also saving space.
  • Cavity pocket sliding door: The sleekest of sliding doors, these allow you to bring the outdoors in all the time. These doors slide into wall pockets and are perfect for those who want their space to look spacious.

2) Energy Efficiency:

The materials used in sliding doors should be energy efficient since the entries consist of multiple glass panes. A sliding door made from double- or triple-paned glass, especially one with a low coating, maximizes energy efficiency and keeps conditioned air inside, whatever the season.

3) Available Space:

The sliding doors on a patio or deck can maximize the space available, but they will require a large wall. It may be impossible to install a sliding door if you have limited wall space. However, sliding doors allow for more light and airflow, bringing the outdoors into your home.

4) Sizing:

What is the available space in your house for a sliding door? Would you be able to accommodate a full-sized sliding door? Alternatively, you might choose a sliding door that is 4-5 feet wide. Ensure the door you choose is the right size by taking accurate measurements before shopping.

5) Material Preferences:

It is easier to maintain fiberglass than other materials. LVL, used in Lemieux doors, offers the natural beauty of wood and the warp resistance of vinyl. A wooden door frame can be attractive, but it is susceptible to rot and warping, requiring maintenance and upkeep.

6) Maintenance Requirements:

Depending on the materials, sliding doors need different maintenance techniques. Keep your glass clean each day to avoid bacteria buildup and smudges. Ensure that the mechanical parts of the exterior door frame are functioning correctly by routinely inspecting them.


Final Thoughts:

Getting sliding glass doors installed in your home has many benefits, and it’s easy to see why they’re so popular.

If you think that you would enjoy all the benefits associated with them, it’s time to find the right team to transform your home and install glass sliding doors. As a leading provider of premium quality glass windows and doors, security screens, security doors, and other building materials, Barry Building Supplies has a wide range of experience.




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