The Advantages of Choosing Aluminium Sliding Window and Doors

Are you thinking about upgrading your home’s windows and doors? Then consider installing aluminium sliding doors with windows. But why? 

Ever wanted to make your house filled with light and fresh air, get a clear view of the outdoors and boost the overall style of your home?

Well, you get this with sliding doors and windows made of aluminium. This article has covered some of the 12 advantages of choosing aluminium sliding windows and doors for your property. Now, let’s dive in.

What Are Aluminium Sliding Doors with Windows?

Aluminium sliding windows with doors consist of aluminium frames with glass panels that slide horizontally along the tracks. You can operate it by pushing or pulling the door to the desired position. They are popular for their sleek appearance, smooth sailing operation and ability to maximise space, natural light and ventilation in a space. This is why they are popular choices among homeowners and business buildings alike.

But that’s not the end of the list. Just the beginning. Aluminium sliding doors with windows come with huge advantages and convince you why they are a popular choice. Keep reading about the advantages of installing them at your place.

What Are the Advantages of Choosing Aluminium Sliding Windows and Doors?

  1. They are Long-lasting

Temperature and other natural factors can easily bring wear and tear to sliding doors and windows. But the beauty of installing aluminium sliding doors and windows is that they last a long time. Because aluminium is highly durable and resistant to corrosion, rust, termites, pests and other forms of degradation.

Unlike materials like wood that require regular painting or sealing to protect them from the environmental elements, aluminium naturally withstands the test of time with minimal upkeep.

So the metal’s durability prevents the need for frequent replacement of windows and doors, makes it long-lasting even in harsh weather conditions and saves you money in the long run. 

2. Stylish

Do you know that by choosing aluminium sliding windows and doors, you are staying ahead of the curve in terms of modern design and functionality? Yes, though the glass doors and windows add a modern touch, they are bulky and have a bulky frame structure. 

Meanwhile, the silver lining of aluminium sliding windows and doors is their sleek appearance that enhances the aesthetics of any property. They also open doors to innovation with their versatility.

3. Efficient use of space


You may wonder how aluminium sliding doors with windows save space. Let’s explain. When you install glass doors and windows, particularly in small spaces, they need an “arc space.”


Well, what’s that? Hinged floor-to-ceiling windows need adequate space to swing inward or outward along their hinges. This swinging motion creates an arc or path the window follows as it opens and closes. 


But you don’t need an arc path for aluminium sliding doors and windows, as they have a minimalistic frame where glass doors slide horizontally along a track instead of swinging open. So, this type of window requires minimal clearance, making it best for small spaces where maximising usable floor area is possible.


4. Low-maintenance


Cleaning is essential to keeping your house shiny and healthy. But who would love to spend hours cleaning and maintaining their sliding doors and windows? And here’s some good news. Aluminium material requires no special maintenance.


Because aluminium surfaces are smooth and non-porous. So, to clear the frames, you can use a simple window cleaning agent or a damp cloth soaked in soapy water to wipe off the dust or dirt occasionally. If the sealant or weatherstrips are old, replace them. Lubricate the rails using a specialised lubricant or oil.


By following these things occasionally, you can save time and effort on maintenance tasks.


While you can paint or powder coat aluminium for aesthetic purposes, this is not a requirement for maintenance, as aluminium naturally forms a protective oxide layer that prevents corrosion.


5. Has energy-saving features


You are wrong if you still think that aluminium, being a metal, cannot provide insulation against heat. Although aluminium has high thermal conductivity, modern-day aluminium windows and doors are created with energy efficiency in mind. 


These frames are manufactured using thermal break technology, making them energy-efficient. Here, thermal brakes create an air bridge between the frames’s inner and outer layers, thus making aluminium frames better suited for heat insulation. Also, the doors and windows are weatherstripped and sealed along the edges.


So, you can save a lot on your energy bills with an aluminium sliding door and window, as the heat or cold air remains contained within your house.


6. Moisture-resistant


Usually, sliding doors and windows encounter this problem of seasonal swelling due to moisture. So, when the frame swells, wraps or rots when exposed to moisture, it makes it difficult to open and close the sliding door. The worst part? This swelling problem increases the chance of glass breakage with swollen structures.


But no worries about swelling with aluminium frames because aluminium is a non-porous material, which means it doesn’t absorb moisture like wood. Also, these doors and windows come with weatherstripping and seals along the edges to prevent further moisture infiltration. 


However, proper installation plays a significant role in the moisture resistance of aluminium sliding doors. So, hiring BBS Windows experienced installers is best to ensure the doors are correctly sealed and fitted to prevent gaps or leaks.

7. Improved security and sustainability 

Security is important for any property owner. Aluminium sliding windows and doors have strong frames that can easily withstand impacts and provide an additional layer of security against forced entry attempts. 

So, with secure multi-point locking mechanisms, aluminium sliding doors lock in the benefits of safety and peace of mind for your property. Also, manufacturers demand customisation options such as reinforced frames, laminated glass, and security screens that can enhance security and privacy features.

8. Simple installation process

Installing aluminium doors and windows is always a breeze. How? The lightweight nature of aluminium frames reduces the energy required for transportation and installation compared to heavier materials. 

Since these windows and doors are factory-made or fully pre-assembled by the manufacturer. This means pre-assembled components can significantly streamline the installation process, which also contributes to reducing construction and installation time. 

9. Increased natural light & sound insulation

Do you love the natural light entering your room? Aluminium’s strength and minimalist design make it suitable for all-glass windows or curtain walls. So, sliding glass doors easily allow an increased amount of natural light into a home. 


In fact, when you install these doors on your balcony, you can experience the warmth of the sun and the outdoor scenery. If you appreciate an entirely transparent and bright interior in your living area, go for this type of sliding door that maximises space and serves every functional and aesthetic purpose well.

If you don’t want to be disturbed by outside noise, these doors and windows can help. Modern thermal break technology, a high-quality aluminium material frame, and proper installation ensure enhanced sound insulation.

10. They are fire-resistant and eco-friendly too.

You read it right. Aluminium comes on the list of sustainable construction materials because it can be 100% recycled, is fully-sustainable and is non-toxic. The best part? The recycling process for aluminium needs just five percent of the initial energy consumed to create it.

So, installing aluminium windows and doors saves energy for up to 50 years while saving the planet in the long run. In addition, if you have decided to replace these frames, the scrap parts are used to make other objects.

Fire can severely damage wood or PVC. But since aluminium material is a non-combustible metal and classified as fire class A1, it doesn’t encourage the spread of fire. Plus, it never releases any harmful emissions when exposed to high heat sources.

11. Highly customizable

The aluminum material’s lightness and essentiality not only make the durable sliding door and window frame more lightweight but also have a slim and clean design. They can meet your exact design specifications while maintaining their inherent strength. Plus, they can be manufactured to almost any size and style required to meet your design brief.

You can choose the design, finish you want. Finishes include a natural anodized finish or powder-coated colours such as white, bronze, black, charcoal or any other color of your choice. 

12. Cost-effectiveness

If you are on budget, these types of doors and windows are the best choice. Because, when compared to other frame options such as wood or steel, aluminum is pocket-friendly and is often considered a domestic or commercial application.

Besides the cost, the energy efficiency and minimal maintenance save you money in the long run, especially for homeowners.

Final Words


So, aluminium sliding doors with windows offer a stylish and practical solution for modern living spaces. Choosing aluminium sliding windows presents a window of opportunity to enrich the comfort and functionality of your property.


However, these windows and doors must be precision-engineered and installed to fit like a glove, providing easy integration with your property’s architecture.


If you want aluminium glass sliding door installation in Melbourne, Australia, choose BBS Windows, where our expert team uses only high-quality virgin aluminium to make your sliding doors with windows. Since we use world-class technology, we ensure our sliding doors and windows are top-notch, adhere to your design expectations, and implement the best installation practices.

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