The Superior Advantages of Aluminium Windows and Doors

quality manufactured aluminium windows and aluminium doors in Melbourne

You may be wondering, does the quality or material of my windows and doors matter? In terms of security, maintenance, energy efficiency and style, yes. Aluminium windows and doors compared to traditional timber or other cheaper elements have far superior advantages that you should seriously consider and invest in not only for the security of your home but also as an effective cost-saving alternative.

Cheaper and Durable

Compared to timber, aluminium is a better value for your money as it is cheaper. Whilst some timber alternatives can be cheaper, in terms of the long run, aluminium is always going to stay out on top. Timber is not as resistant compared to aluminium and thus may need replacing.

Aluminium doors and windows are one of the most durable products on the market for housing products and at a great price point. Due to its durability, an aluminium window or aluminium door is resistant to corrosion or other toxic substances which can lead it to rust. In harsh weather conditions, aluminium windows and doors can withstand the harshness they encounter compared to their timber counterparts which can be frailer and easily susceptible to corrosion.

Stylistic and Easy Maintenance

Aluminium windows and doors are prevalent in modern architecture and homes. Its properties and durability allow it to be easily coated for a different presentation and finish and easily tailored for challenging spaces or specifications.

Aluminium windows and aluminium doors thanks to their ability to withstand corrosion and rusting from harsh weather environments, means they are easy to maintain. Aluminium windows and doors simply need a clean every now and then. Using soapy water wipe the aluminium windows and doors then using a soft cloth wipe the water down. This way, your aluminium windows and doors are kept brighter and can operate for their expected lifespan.

Energy Efficiency for All Seasons

Aluminium provides great insulation and when combined with double glazing, the heat loss is limited, and entry of cold draughts is minimised. Aluminium windows and doors can shave off those energy bills with a quality investment.


Compared to uPVC or timber alternatives, aluminium windows and doors are far more eco-friendly. When aluminium windows and doors require replacement, you can simply recycle them compared to wood or uPVC. Moreover, timber alternatives leave a significant carbon footprint.


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