The surprising benefits of aluminium door and window replacements

Barry Building Supplies are the experts in aluminium window door installation in Melbourne

Have you ever wondered how aluminium window and door replacement can lead to lower energy bills? How do aluminium window and door replacements work in reducing energy bills and being more energy efficient? Let us break it down for you in a simple manner and help you decide whether it is worth investing in aluminium window and door replacements for your home.

Heat Transfer

We have had times when we go for a nice cold shower or touch the ice. The heat from our bodies or hand disappears. This is heat transfer, and many of our aluminium windows have this property. A properly constructed aluminium window made from quality material can contain the heat and prevent the transfer of your home’s heat to the outside.

The ability to prevent heat transfer allows the heat to stay inside your home, meaning your home is more properly insulated during the winter. When heaters turn on to warm the rooms during the morning or evening, you will realise you will not have to keep them on for that long as the heat contained by the aluminium windows allows them to keep the house warmer.

Moreover, depending on the window’s construction you can have some reflective properties on your aluminium windows and doors which allows for the rays of the sun to be reflected backwards allowing your house to be cooler during the scorching summer.

Frame Material

The frame material holds the aluminium window and door in place. Would you rather sit on a metal seat or a wooden bench? The no brainer is the wooden bench, metal is very conductive so it will be very warm or cold compared to a wooden bench which does not conduct heat as well. The correct frame material along your aluminium window and door helps it be more energy efficient. Our frame materials that we provide are very effective in being energy efficient that offer good insulation and prevents heat transfer to the outside whilst also allowing your home to be cool in the summer.


Barry Building Supplies are the experts in aluminium window door installation and offer a selection of certain installation products that will protect your home. Protection and style are what we guarantee with our services, looking for an aluminium window or door installation to spice your home’s look with better security? Contact us to see how we can help you today!

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