The Types Of Security Windows In Melbourne And How We Should Maintain Them

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After Melbourne exits the sixth lockdown, people have started going out again and meeting with friends outside. However, we should pay more attention to our house security. There was a knife looting incident that just happened in Melbourne South Eastern suburb, which is undoubtedly a warning to our home safety. When we are considering the safety of doors and windows, we normally pay more attention to the door than to the window. As mentioned in our previous article, burglars will often choose the weakest security point of the house to break into houses. Normally, these kinds of points are the windows, not the doors. However, we can find that the doors of many Melbourne residents’ homes may use one or two thick iron doors or security doors, but the windows next to the doors are just made of one thin glass layer.

Security windows will protect our home much like security doors, therefore, installing security windows is also a must. There are many security windows with different materials on the market, which may often confuse us. We will introduce some common types of security windows and some tips about how we can maintain and clean our security windows.

Types Of Security Windows

Iron Security Window

At present, the common wrought iron security windows on the market (also known as wrought flower iron security windows) are welded by different iron bars or sheets, and the iron bars are bent into a flower shape, which reinforces the sturdiness and it also increases the aesthetic at the same time. However, because its material is iron, and it is always exposed to the outdoor environment, iron security windows are more susceptible to corrosion than other materials for security windows. Regular maintenance is required to coat the surface of the iron bar with a layer of paint to reduce the speed of rust.

Stainless Steel Security Window

Security windows made of stainless steel are a very common type of security window in China and have gradually replaced iron security windows in the past few years. You will find that the houses constructed during this period will use this kind of round pipe or square pipe spliced ​​stainless steel security windows for house security purposes. Stainless steel security windows mainly solve the shortcomings of iron security windows that are easily corroded. However, because its shape is mainly formed by cross-splicing stainless steel pipes, the overall appearance of the windows is like cages and is not preferred by people.

Aluminium Security Window

The security window made of aluminium integrates the advantages of iron security windows and stainless steel security windows. It has the sturdiness of iron security windows and the non-rust properties of stainless steel. It is lighter in weight. The selection of styles and colours is very rich, and the security of the window is also very outstanding. It is currently the mainstream choice for households in the Melbourne area.

Maintenance And Cleaning For Security Windows

After installation is finished, many people no longer care about their security windows. This is often a misunderstanding. In fact, security windows also require regular maintenance. Of course, this does not mean that we need to take care of security windows frequently. Iron security windows are prone to rust and corrosion. Corroded security windows not only greatly reduce the security effect, but also have potential safety hazards. Therefore, we need to apply a layer of anti-rust paint to iron security windows every year. Similar to stainless steel security windows and aluminum alloy security windows, they are not easily corroded by the sun and rain, so there is no need to paint regularly like iron security windows, but you need to pay attention to whether the fixing screws of the security windows are loose, sometimes It is not the security window itself that is corroded, but the screw that fixes the security window. Pay attention to the following points in cleaning: 1. Pay attention to the cleaning of dust accumulation in daily maintenance. 2. Avoid using strong acid and alkali cleaners and use water or neutral detergents. 3. Avoid using frames as supports when cleaning.

In short, we should pay attention to not only its beauty, but also its material when purchasing security windows. We, Barry Building Supplies, are a professional aluminium alloy door and window custom company. We can tailor the most suitable and high-quality aluminium alloy security windows for you, please feel free to contact us for details.

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