Why You Need to Install a Security Door

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When many people are considering how to improve the safety of their houses, they often consider installing a surveillance system or installing high and firm fences. People usually don’t consider their doors too much and overlook installing a security door.

Imagine that the area you are living in currently has some security incidents, such as home invasions or your area is at higher risk of home burglary or theft, you won’t want to be bothered by any of these security problems when you are chilling on the sofa and trying to recover from a day of hard work. Installing security doors is always an excellent option to level up your home security and deter intruders.

Are you thinking of getting a security door installation for your home or business? Here are 5 reasons that you should consider.

Long-life Durable

Since security doors are usually made of steel or aluminium, they are stronger and more durable than the standard timber doors and fibreglass doors, you could consider this as an added layer of protection for your home. Doors from these materials increase the difficulty for intruders to break in, which often makes many intruders exclude the house with a security door as their target.

In addition, the regular doors will wear out or even be damaged over time, and the service life of service doors will usually be as long as your house. If the door has been painted, you may need to repaint it after a long period, but the security door of this material will certainly not wear out like ordinary wooden doors and fibreglass doors.

Secure Your Property

The anti-theft door can be installed over the front door of the home, but also other entrances. When considering the installation of security doors, we usually assume that the front door is the most in need of reinforcement, while ignoring the side doors, balcony doors or slightly ajar windows. This often becomes the weak point of the house being invaded by intruders.

By installing mesh security doors or high-quality security windows, circulating the air into space becomes easier and you can enjoy the fresh air all the time. Breaking into your house now is more difficult for the burglars and the level of comfort is automatically improved.

Better Privacy

Mesh screens can help your property have better privacy; the thickness of the mesh makes it difficult for others to see into your property but does not disturb your view of the outside. You can choose the level of thickness depending on your personal needs.

Patio or deck entrances often use a clear sliding glass door. The privacy of your patio or deck can also be improved with the installation of a security screen. This way your property can be private and protected on all sides.

Protection from Insects

Australian summers mean hot long days, short nights and holidays! We also have plenty of mosquitoes, giant flying cockroaches, and flies! Installation of mesh screens in your property help to keep out the insects and maintain the comfort of your home and the cleanliness of the interior. Our mesh security doors and window screens also help to keep out dust, sand and leave that blow around.

Increase Value of Your Property

If you are considering selling in the future, investing in the right security screens can increase the potential sale value. Apart from giving the potential buyer a better sense of security, it can also increase the attractiveness of the property. It is important to choose security doors or screens that will match the style of your house. We can help you choose styles of security doors that fit in with the design and colour of your property.

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